Aljazeera: 101 East: The world’s longest ongoing war, 10 August 2011

Video report, documents the ongoing war in Karen State.

Visits camps of both internally displaced people and refugees along the Burma-Thai border.

Interviews with two farmers being treated at the Mae Tao Clinic on the Burma-Thai border, who had lost their legs due to landmines on their farmland. One said, “I worked my land for many years and nothing happened. I was clearing the area, cutting grass before planting vegetables. I stepped on soft soil and the landmine exploded. The Karen National Liberation Army sometimes patrol our village. They told us that they had planted some landmines near our village. Later they told us they’d removed them. But they didn’t take all of them. Afterwards I told my son I am old and I have only one leg I will only give you troubles, my life is finished, it is better if I die, but my son said he would take care of me.”

Interview with David Thackerbaw, vice-president of the Karen National Union, comments on the KNU/KNLA mine use policy and states that they will continue.


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