“Untold Miseries”: Wartime Abuses and Forced Displacement in Burma’s Kachin State, Human Rights Watch, March 2012

Report has a specific section on the use and deaths and injuries caused by mine warfare. Quotes a Kachin Independence Organization doctor as saying that: “The difference between Kachin and Burmese landmines is that the KIO mine blasts shrapnel inside the body, whereas the Burmese one is not shrapnel, but a blunt force explosion, usually taking an entire limb.”

The report notes that, The shortfall of humanitarian aid for the internally displaced population has pressured families to return to insecure villages in order to gather belongings or tend to animals and fields, risking encounters with hostile Burmese army forces
and exposing them to antipersonnel mines that have been laid by both parties.

URL: Untold Miseries

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