De-mining process in Karen, Karenni areas on hold, Hintarni, 10 July 2013, Mizzima

Article quotes Karen National Union Secretary, Pado Mahn Mahn, as saying that though the KNU is willing to participate in mine clearance work, they can only undertake marking and fencing for now. He is reported to have said “As for me, current ceasefire has no concrete guarantee and assurance, so until today we still have not completed demining in our areas until we get such assurance and guarantee from the government”

The article confuses identification of mined areas and marking and fencing them with Mine Risk Education.

Mine Risk Education does not involve the above, necessary, activities, but is an activity which works with communities in mine affected areas to identify behaviours which put people at risk of becoming a mine victim, and then proposing alternative behaviours.

The article also quotes Karenii National Progress Party Vice-Chairman Khu Oo Reh as saying that his party had discussed with Minister Aung Min regarding clearance of mines and was informed that the government was still drafting a Landmine Law, and that mine clearance could only be carried out once the law was approved by President Thein Sein. The article went on to quote Khu Oo Rey as saying “I don’t know if Landmine law is actually necessary for de-mining but Aung Min told us that they were drafting this law. But we plan to start de-mining when the refugees have to be resettled in these areas.”

Article is available at: De-mining process in Karen, Karenni areas on hold

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