Since 2012, when Myanmar authorities launched peace talks with ethnic armed groups over 600 people have been killed or injured by antipersonnel mines within the country.

Since the October 2015 agreement between some armed groups, the government and the military which, states, in part “both parties agree to cooperate on the process of clearing all landmines planted by both sides’ armies” no party has  approved any mine clearance.

No official statistics on the number of casualties from antipersonnel mines exist in Myanmar, however media reports of casualties from antipersonnel mines continue to occur in the country.

In August 2016 three men have been killed after stepping on a landmine while picking djenkol beans in a frontline village located between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burma Army in Mogaung Township in Kachin State. As the area was near the frontline locals were unsure who laid the mines.

In July, a man and his eight-year-old daughter were seriously injured by a landmine explosion on Monday when they went into a forest to cut firewood in Hsipaw Township in northern Shan State. Two armed groups and the Army were active in the area and it is unknown which one was responsible for the mine use.

Also in July one person died and seven were injured by a landmine in Namtu Township, northern Shan State, while portering for the Shan State Army-South. Locals allege the mines were laid by another armed group.




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