Landmine Monitor Report 2016 was released a week ago at the Fifteenth Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty in Santiago, Chile. In 2015 (the year covered in the report) Afghanistan continued to produce the highest number of victims. Intensification of armed conflict in the middle-east, in particular in Libya, Syria and Yemen, along with the Ukraine produced large numbers of landmine casualties. Comparatively, for the year covered in the report, Myanmar/Burma was in the top 10.

However, large numbers of casualties from armed conflict in the middle-east is a recent phenomena. Myanmar/Burma has produced many mine casualties for many years. When compared globally, over the past decade, Myanmar/Burma has the third highest total of mine victims combined across years.

The following graphic compares the number of casualties totaled across 10 years according to data in the Landmine Monitor. Casualty figures in all countries is believed to be incomplete.


This chart has been compiled by Mine Free Myanmar from data in the Landmine Monitor Global Reports 2007 – 2016.

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