Namtuminefind_2Photo from article on the event from  Shan Herald Agency for News

Following the death of one Buddhist monk, and the injury of 4 others in central Shan State in November 2015, this month 8 novices at Zeya Sukha Buddhist Temple in Mong Yen Village Tract, Namtu Township in Northern Shan State were injured by a landmine.

The novices found a landmine in nearby farmland. They picked it up and later played with it causing it to explode and injure the novices.

According to news reports, a group of local authorities and community leaders went to the area after the incident and found more mines nearby. They suspect that more mines remain in the ground but that they have no idea how to locate them, and believed the local administration should not be the ones to take responsibility for their removal.

The Landmine Monitor has identified the mines in the photographs from Mong Yen Village Tract as LTM-76 antipersonnel landmines which were manufactured in British India. Frequent use of this type of antipersonnel mine by the Tatmadaw was reported previously in the Landmine Monitor in Kayin/Karen State.

Villagers were reported to have said that the landmines which were found by the novices, and which injured them, remained from a former Tatamadaw military camp.

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