Last week Mine Free Myanmar was informed by the printing press in Yangon, which had already completed the layout on our 2021 report, that it would be impossible for them to complete the printing of it.

The companies which prepare the plates used by printing presses in the country have been issued a, vaguely worded, order by the military which stipulates that they not provide printing plates for any publication which might reflect badly on the military.
Most printing presses in Myanmar rely on a small number of companies which can prepare printing plates for their printing presses.

The printing plate companies are now forced into a censorship role. They need to guess what might or might not be acceptable or prohibited under this order. Fear of consequences has led to them not accepting work orders for any publication which they suspect might be offensive to the military.

This is the first time the Burmese language version of the Landmine Monitor country report on Myanmar/Burma has been prohibited since 2010, which was immediately after the previous format of state censorship was repealed.

Earlier, several printing presses in Myanmar did refuse to print the 2017 Landmine Monitor report, but did so on their own initiative. They objected to the report containing the word ‘Rohingya’, and cover image of mines laid along the border with Bangladesh. However, even then, eventually a printing press was found which would print it.

Prior to 2010, the Burmese language Landmine Monitor country report was printed in Thailand.

While the Landmine Monitor Myanmar/Burma country report has not been officially banned, the order by the military authorities requiring business to self censor has meant, that at this point, it can no longer be printed in Myanmar.

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