Myanmar (also known as Burma) is the only country in the world where there has been confirmed, ongoing use of antipersonnel mines by government forces, says the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

The landmines are widely used along the Thai/Burma border, where there is constant fighting between the armed forces and rebel groups. The Myanmar military also has displaced civilians from their villages, burned the villages to the ground, and moved the civilians into settlements in the same area.

This has led to many civilian casualties, although precise data is difficult to come by, as few written records are kept, for security reasons.

UMCOR is working with partner Clear Path International (CPI) to deliver assistance to 835 women, men, and children who are either survivors of landmine accidents or otherwise affected by the insecurity landmines provoke.

Services include micro-credit loans, vocational training workshops, and emergency transportation to area hospitals for landmine accident survivors, and also mine-risk education and micro-credit loans for other vulnerable people along the Thai/Burma border.

Your gift to Landmine Removal, UMCOR Advance #982575, supports these efforts.