Myanmar: Landmine survivor needs outstrip aid, UN IRIN, 7 December 2011

Article notes that “While international donations for mine action worldwide have doubled over the past decade, contributions have remained low in Myanmar because the government has refused humanitarian groups access to mine-affected areas.”

The article focused on the following data compiled by the Landmine Monitor annual report of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines: “Of the 4,191 recorded landmine casualties in 2010, 274 occurred in Myanmar – the fifth highest in the world after Afghanistan (1,211), Colombia (512), Pakistan (394), and Cambodia (286). Those countries, respectively, received US$102.6 million, $12.1 million, $3.4 million, and $24.3 million in 2010 from international donors – versus Myanmar’s $36,000 from Norway’s government.” The article notes that some funding in Myanmar goes unreported.

Under reporting occurs when donors either do not make their expenditures known, or they are combined with other aid.


See also: Burma Rates High on World’s Landmine Casualty List, Saw Yan Naing, 8 December 2011.