Deadly Soil: Burma’s Enduring Landmine Tragedy: Burma News International, Blacktown, 11 June 2011

Karen National Union Vice President Saw David Thakabaw was quoted as saying that the KNLA, unlike the Burmese army, does not target civilian populations, but “If the Burma army stopped attacking our people and tried to reach a peaceful resolution with us to end this war, the KNU would not use mines.”

KNU linked community based organization Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People (CIDKP) was noted to be involved in risk education to villagers in some of the worst landmine-affected areas of Karen State.  CIDKP worker Saw Pah Dah said most villagers want to know how to treat landmine victims. “We teach villagers how to identify mines, tell them not to touch them or go near them, make warning signs and fence the area if they can. We also teach first aid and make casts of amputees’ limbs so we can make prosthetics to give them when we return.”