Landmines shatter peace for villagers in eastern Burma-KHRG-8 April 2013
Landmines still extensively used in Karen State- Mizzima, Kun Chan, 11 April 2013

Report by KHRG covers new casualties (but not necessarily new use as the headline from the Mizzima article implies).

The Mizzima article reviews the report which KHRG released for International Mine Action Day. They write: Landmines continue to disrupt the potential for civilians to return to their way of life even after the conflict has subsided. Old landmines pose serious restrictions on villagers’ ability to travel safely or resume farming and reconstruction of previously abandoned homes. Fatalities and injuries to people and livestock occur frequently, especially when there is no prior knowledge of the mined areas, making displaced communities particularly vulnerable.

The information documents 18 incidents to occur during that time, including at least one new case of anti-vehicle mine use in a resource dispute.

Mizzima interviewed the director of KHRG about the report, who noted that “In February, five people in the Papun District controlled by the Karen National Union (KNU) and three people in the Nyaunglebin District were injured by landmines.  Most of the victims lost their legs,”  The Mizzima article quoted another worker for KHRG who said that the areas where KHRG conducted the survey for the report are where fighting occurred between the government army and Karen armed groups and that both the armed groups and residents used landmines in the areas.

URL: Landmines shatter peace for villagers in eastern Burma  -KHRG    |  Landmines still extensively used in Karen State -Mizzima

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