Advocacy Groups Call on Burma to End Landmine Use,  Saw Yan Naing, THE IRRAWADDY, Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Article quotes Maja Lazic, senior protection officer at the UNHCR in Burma, as saying that there will be no promotion of refugee return until landmines are cleared.

Also quotes Sally Thompson, the director of the The Border Consortium (TBC), as saying that TBC has supported 150,000 refugees on the Thai-Burma border, and that  the groups which use landmines first need to agree to stop using the landmines, before the process of demining can begin. She noted that “So far the peace talks between the government and ethnic armies have not covered the issue of landmines”, and that it would take years to physically clear the mines placed all around the mountainous areas of eastern Burma.

Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan,  research coordinator on Burma for  the ICBL was quoted as saying “Anti-personnel mines are used as terror weapons by both sides. The mines are not marked because the combatants want to strike fear into the enemy. This results in both sides terrorizing the [civilian] population with mines.”

Full article: Advocacy Groups Call on Burma to End Landmine Use

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