Landmine clearance in Myaing Gyi Ngu nearing completion: Karen groups, Mizzima, Hinthani, 21 August 2013

A effort to remove some mines from an area of Kayin/Karen State has reportedly been taking place since mid-July  in Hlaingbwe township about 10 km southeast of Kamarmaung. The mine removal is being conducted in areas under the control of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) Battalion 906 and under the control of Border Guard Force (BGF) Battalian 1014 at Wadu, Watamaw, Wathawkho, Meezai and Kawhe villages.  Reportedly the removal is being undertaken due to the demand of the local community.

The report does not indicate what, if any, standards are being used to conduct the mine removal. The report states that if the units cannot remove a mine, they mark the area. It is not known if the areas are fenced, nor how comprehensive the marking is, or whether a common system of warnings is being used.

Reportedly the mine removal is being mobilized by a joint committee comprised of officers of the DKBA, BGF and Karen National Liberation Army. Some mines, but not all, are being destroyed in the removal process. The article does not state what happens to the mines which are not destroyed, but it is assumed these become part of the arsenal of the armed group. Atleast one combatant was injured during the removal process.


HMUM/B note: Humanitarian mine clearance operates according to stringent international standards. All mines encountered in humanitarian demining are destroyed.