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The Karen Human Rights Group has issued a representational map of information they have received regarding casualties and mined areas during research on human rights abuses in Karen State during 2012 and 2013. The map does not provide precise information, nor does it claim to be comprehensive, but does reveal the existence of 32 mined areas, 22 human casualties to landmines and 9 loss of livestock to landmines in Myawaddy, Kawkariek, Hlaingbwe, Hpapun and Thandaunggyi Townships of Kayin/Karen State.

The map comes from a May 2014 report, titled Truce or Transition? Trends in human rights abuse and local response in Southeast Myanmar since the 2012 ceasefire. In the report which focuses onĀ  they state: “Armed actors have largely stopped planting new anti-personnel and other mines in most areas. Residual mine contamination continues to cause death and injury and restrict freedom of movement and livelihoods, despite persistent requests for their removal by some communities.”

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