Humanitarian Demining organizations Halo Trust, Mines Advisory Group and Norwegian People’s Aid released the Mine Action Review: Clearing the Mines 2018, a joint survey by humanitarian mine clearance organizations which ranks countries efforts to eradicate the threat of landmines within their borders. This is the fifth report to rank national mine clearance efforts.

The report states: “Myanmar, a state not party, was by some distance the lowest ranked programme, with the government’s continued refusal to allow mine clearance preventing a peace dividend from being realised and new mine-laying amounting to a serious violation of international human rights law.”

National mine clearance efforts are ranked by 10 performance indicators, including how much a country demonstates it understands its landmine problem, how timely and efficient its clearance efforts are, if there is national funding and standards in place and its ability to report on its efforts, among others. Myanmar’s ranking is as follows:

Problem understood 2 2
Target date for completion of mine clearance 1 1
Targeted clearance 1 1
Effi cient clearance 1 1
National funding of programme 1 1
Timely clearance 1 1
Land-release system in place 2 2
National mine action standards 2 3
Reporting on progress 1 1
Improving performance 2 1

[8 and above is Very Good, while 3 or below is Very Poor]

The Mine Action Review identifies Myanmar as a heavily contaminated state, with more than 20 sq km of contamination.

See Myanmar country chapter, pp 344-347.

For more information see-  Clearing the Mines Global Report