The United Nations Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) produced on 5 December 2018 its 7th updated map of townships with suspected landmine contamination from Landmine Monitor 2018 data.

The map provides several levels of data.

In shaded relief cumulative townships in which Landmine Monitor has discovered landmine contamination through casualty reports or other reports of mined areas, since 1999, when the Monitor first began reporting on the country.

As of November 2018 some level of mine contamination exists in 78 townships of Myanmar, almost on quarter of all townships in the country.

Casualty information on the map, indicated by an explosive icon, is for the year 2017 only (latest year for which data is available).

A table in the upper right hand corner provides data over an 11 year period, from 2007-2017 on the percentage of mine incidents by township.

The map is available at UN MIMU website.

Categories: Casualties