Since mid-October 2018 several civilians have been injured by improvised antipersonnel landmines, apparently newly laid. The incidents have occurred in an area under administration of both the Karen National Union (KNU) and the New Mon State Party (NMSP).

The most recent injury occured 23 April 2019 when a 63 year old woman was injured by an antipersonnel landmine while working in her agricultural area.

All the injuries have occured near Alae Sakhan village in Yebyu Township, and all occured in or near agricultural areas.

The Alae Sakhan village administrator reported the incident to the NMSP and the KNU, but reportedly said that neither group have investigated the incident, and had shown little desire to eliminate the threat posed by landmines.

The NMSP has claimed that the mines were laid by the KNU, which the KNU refutes.

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