The Landmine Monitor Report 2019 out today reveals that state military forces in Myanmar were the only government forces are using antipersonnel landmines. This follows a similar finding for 2018. Non-state armed groups were identified as using antipersonnel landmines in six countries, including Myanmar.

An increase in armed conflict in the country has led to increased areas identified as mine contaminated, with many areas of Rakhine State, previously not known to have landmine contamination, now reporting new casualties. New use in the area is attributed to either the Arakan Army or the state forces– the Tatmadaw.

Landmine Monitor reported an increase in casualties during the previous year (calendar year 2018). Over 400 new casualties were recorded by the Landmine Monitor through public sources and reports of nongovernmental organizations and UN agencies. No official statistics are available, and although the Landmine Monitor reported an increase in the number of casualties, due to the lack of comparable and reliable data from year to year, it is impossible to know if the actual amount of victimzation is increasing, decreasing or staying the same. However, the known number of casualties was the second highest in the Asian region.