KaPaSa (Defense Products Industry of Myanmar) made MM2 antipersonnel landmines, numbers appear to indicate production in 2018

MM2 antipersonnel landmines claimed to have been seized by the Shan StateArmy – South. In an RCSS associated website, they claim that the mines were lifted in late November 2019, and alleget that they had been placed by Tatmadaw’s brigade 99 near Wan Wah village of Murng Mu region of Namtu Township, in northern Shan State. They allege that subsequent to clashes between Tatmadaw and other ethnics armed groups, the Tatmadaw began to lay landmines in the farms outside the villages and near the woods where they thought rebel groups would be injured by them.

Original allegation here.

While we cannot confirm the veracity of the allegation, however, the mines are clearly KaPaSa, or Defense Products Industries of Myanmar, made MM2 antipersonnel landmines. The later date of 2018 appears to indicate that production of antipersonnel landmines was ongoing in 2018, as the later number on other mines has been indicated to be the manufacture date.

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