My name is Myo Myint. I am subject of “Burma Soldier” documentary film. I used to serve in Burma army as a military engineer. I got injured on frontline in 1984 and was discharged from the army in 1987. The main reason why I got injured is land mine. As a military engineer I noticed well how much danger land mine to people is. Land mine cause civilian to trouble. Land mine is making to lose their properties, homes, cattle and finally their limbs and lives. In my service, I saw and witnessed these things. As a land mine victim, I want all Burmese to support to land mine ban campaign and to participate anti-land mine organization together. Land mine is very dangerous not only to humanity but also all living things. on the world. We all people should request and demand nobody should be produced, used, kept in hand, sold and bought land mine.

Audio of Myo Myint’s statement (in Burmese) here.